Our Partners

Our 'partners' are all those organizations and individuals with whom we have worked through the years. Along with thousands of beneficiaries who have received assistance, we thank them for their support. Many only support specific projects for a specified period of time, while, with others, we have longer term relationships.

SALT logoSALT Alliance started in 2010, is a collaboration of NGO's (charities) from different areas in South Africa that was formed to enable sharing of expertize and knowledge in the area of HIV and AIDS intervention and poverty alleviation programs.

Thembalethu Holland logoThembalethu Holland, has supported our  after-school Kids Clubs for many years. We have assisted children to overcome tragic situations and gain self-confidence. This is empowering them to integrate into normal society and do better in school and even continue with tertiary education.  They also built the Wildly African arts and craft center. Additionally they helped us by building and supporting the education center after our workshops burnt down in 2009.  They have also provided money for houses and for food in Orlando squatter camp. In 2013, the Thembalethu's Ambassadors spent a week in Holland performing for churches and schools and to thank our friends in Holland for their suport.


WKV logoWelterkinderin (Holland) support our work with children and strengthening of families.


Netherlands DVN support our home-based care work including our Mozambique outreach. They also support our HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) work from our care center in Block B village.


 Za Foundation initiated the "Thembalethu's Ambassadors" program  which enables young people from Nkomazi to travel to Southwest England to create awareness of HIV and AIDS and to share life experiences with youth in schools and churches. This program has many positive outputs in Nkomazi, as the Ambassadors return with broadened minds and share what they have learnt.  Read what Vusi Khubayi and Colani have to say about their trips to England.  ZA Foundation built the Thembalethu library and established the inter-cultural school program which twins 17 schools in Nkomazi with 17 schools in south-west England. ZA-Foundation continues to provide valuable support and often come to visit us.

BBC logoBryanston Bible Church  ('BBC') from Sandton, Johannesburg, has  been working with us since 2002 when our Youth-in-Action team and youth from BBC were instrumental in establishing the highly successful "Adventure Weeks". Together we have run one every year and more than 1700 children having attended. BBC have built many of our homes for children. They assisted with food for the needy although this has now ended.

Dac Systems   DAC Systems have assisting in building a number of houses children in need and have helped us establish Nice 'n Tasty towards skills training and job creation.


Nkomazi Trust Fund funded our students with bursaries for university and one young man is now working for DAC. and a young girl is completing honors at Pretoria university.

SPORTRON      Sportron from Johannesburg have been bringing Christian presents for the children and this is without doubt one of the highlights of their year!


CARE 1 logoCare International  (South Africa) are partnering with us in our home-based care program. They have introduced the latest technology for data capture, which is enabling us to be more effective and efficient in doing home visitations. Our care-supporters can now record data on a mobile phone and this updates the central data-base immediately. Our contract has ended.


Starfish-logo Starfish are supporting five care-supporters and five orphan care- supporters in Schoemansdal.


SHIPP 1 logoFutures Group We initate our peer-to-peer project with GOLD South Africa, and in 2013/2014, the program was suported by USAID through the Futures Group SHIPP program.


Nkomazi municipality Nkomazi Local Authority We enjoy a good working relationship with our local government and traditional leaders and we are founding members of the Local Aids Council. We also work closely with schools and the Departments of Education, Social Development and Health.


Lottery logo 2 The South African National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) have provided some funds to support our youth work 2013 and 2014.


In our early years we were anchor partners in an organization called Project Suport Group (PSG) who were recognized as the leaders in HIV and AIDS home-based care and support within SADC (Southern African Development Community). Donor and project funding for PSG ended in 2009. We also received excellent support from Nelson Mandela Children's Fund for our children and youth work and HIV and AIDS education. The positive impact of this work is still carrying on in the community.

The Department of Labor (USA) funded Khulisa from Johannesburg to implement the Reclisa (Back to School) program.

Department of Health Mpumalanga supported home-based care for 1 year and Department of Education supported our short term adult literacy project.

Through the years we are grateful for support on specific projects from organizations (inter alia) such as ABSA; TSB; TTU (Swiss funded partnership between Tutuka, Thembalethu and Uplands College) which provided the arts and crafts skills training for Wildly Africa; Oprah Winfrey who gave a one-off payment for help for children; the Stephen Lewis Foundation for sponsoring grandmothers to the Canadian AIDS conference (2006).

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