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demographics-nkomazi-near-yellow-next-to-maputoIf you imagine a straight line linking Nelspruit with Maputo, the line will form the southern border of the Kruger National Park.

We are located in the triangle of land with the north border the Malelane and Komatipoort gates to the Kruger National Park. The East border is Mozambique and the South border is Swaziland. This is called the Nkomazi Region which has it's own local authority based in Malelane.

The Nkomazi Region is uniquely placed in South Africa being is the only region that has borders with two other countries.  This used to be called the "Kangwane Homeland" during the years of apartheid.

The social dynamics of the community are interwoven with the traditions and cultures from different people who have immigrated from Mozambique (Shangaan Tribe), from Swaziland (Swazi Tribe) and Afrikaans settlers, English farmers and business people.

Our offices are approximately 10 kilometers from the South Africa's Jeppe's Reef border gate with Swaziland (just above the Mbabane marker on the map).

Read more about the Demographics here and the History here.

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